Welcome Home, Market Art Fair 2024

Saskia Neuman Gallery opened in 2022 in the heart of Stockholm, the gallery’s hometown. The presentation, “Welcome Home”, represents an extension of the gallery with a curated living room presenting all represented artists. The home symbolises the idea of solace and fortitude, a concept widely discussed and sought after throughout history, to present day. Each artist has created new work, alluding to their own relationship with the concept of the home. From a theoretical perspective of what a home represents, to practical or surreal embodiments of what it houses.

Participating artists
Dimen Hama Abdulla, Harry Anderson, Tobias Bradford, Nadine Byrne, Niklas Delin, Mark Dion, Pia Ferm, Erik Jeor, Josef Jägnefält, Emma Jönsson, Susanna Marcus Jablonski, Kasper Nordenström, Jakob Solgren Nordenskiöld