Of Listening and Painting

Saskia Neuman Gallery is thrilled to present Erik Jeor's first exhibition at the gallery, Lyssnandets måleri — Of Listening and Painting, opening on Wednesday, the 9th of November.

The exhibition, comprising 15 significant new works on paper and a suite of more miniature paintings, invites us to witness the act of listening through the art of painting. In his daily life, Erik Jeor seeks out silence, often in nature, where the noise of his surroundings confronts him. There, the artist encounters the subtle sound of ice, water, and fauna, allowing the Nordic seasonal characteristics to come to life.

Jeor's work introduces the notion that the paint is more than what it appears; it seeps through, building each shape on the paper. The paint is the basic form and is not limited by merely being one tool of many at the artist's disposal. Paint is the essential body within each artwork, and without dictating the process, Jeor's intention is ever present in each delicate dripping and brushstroke.

This new body of work conjures the feeling of being in a dreamlike state while simultaneously present. Jeor has explicitly bided his time, allowing each setting and each image to pervade his psyche. Jeor explores his relationship to belief and religion throughout his work, creating room for addition and sublimation in his painting and throughout his life. Picture and music all fall under the auspice of faith, an integral component of the artist's life, guiding his decisions and creating new avenues for the artist to explore.