Riven Himmel — Torn Heaven

Saskia Neuman Gallery is delighted to present Jakob Solgren’s first exhibition with the gallery, Riven Himmel — Torn Heaven. The exhibition, an amalgamation of sculpture, painting and found objects, anticipates the viewers curiosity while creating a narrative woven with riddles, playing on the artist’s keen ability of storytelling. Poetic, while simultaneously robust, the exhibition toys with the associations we make when viewing and consuming images guiding us onto a path of mystery.

Jakob Solgren’s artistic practice is built on the artists inner dialogue paired with deep reflection of both the material and immaterial elements of the artists daily life. In Solgren’s work we encounter visual worlds that either fortify or challenge us.

The exhibition Torn Heaven meanders between the realities of fact and fiction. There is the forever push and pull mechanics that drive Solgren between the marvels of the everyday and mundane to that which leaves a more fantastical impression. These two auspices make their mark in the materials the artist works with, found objects that become sculpture, and poetry that is made through the silence created in-between each work.

Torn Heaven challenges us to a dance of intimacy laced with feelings of displacement. Despite providing clear, at times strict direction through his work, Solgren is still able to confuse our idea of the present, urging the questioning our own perception of reality and our understanding of the truths of our time.