Spegeldansen — Mirror Dance

Kasper Nordenström exhibition Spegeldansen — Mirror Dance presents a suite of new works, painting, and sculpture. In almost tandem with an ode to the Arte Povera movement, the artist has created a visual language that engages a minimal, stripped down but expressive world, where raw canvas meets the lack of color, metal structures end up occupying a cold environment, bees wax is formed and molded into new shapes, and where time is illustrated with mirrors painted with linseed oil — a process that can take several months, at times up to a year. With a clear influence of artists such as Donald Judd, Nordenström plays with expectations, both his own and the viewers, occupying all our senses in his exploration of new methods of meeting material, their meaning and thereby creating new context.

Kasper Nordenström was born in 1987 in Stockholm, where he lives and works. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2021. Spegeldansen — Mirror Dance is Nordenström's first solo exhibition at the gallery, and in Sweden.