To Conduct Oneself – Project Space Exhibition #2

To Conduct Oneself

No one has ever seen the self. It remains elusive, intangible. It only exist as an abstraction, an abstraction we call the mind, the individual. Stories of the self move through the precarious time of man, a time in which the idea of the self became a force, or a strain. If the self is a construct of the mind, a hypothesis of being, does it conduct oneself? Perceived as an inner entity. Shape, lose and rebuild until it is lost again. Carry on. The idea that keeps collapsing. But the self survives, it rises, conducts. No one has ever seen the self. It remains hidden, or just too individual.

Artists featured in the exhibition
Harry Anderson, Tobias Bradford, Nadine Byrne, Mark Dion, Dimen Hama Abdulla, Emil Heilborn, Erik Jeor, Josef Jägnefält, Susanna Marcus Jablonski, Jakob Solgren Nordenskiöld

Curated by Sara Bäckbro