Vid varje ö / At Each Island

Niklas Delin (b.1989) is a Swedish artist, based in Stockholm. Vid varje ö / At Each Island is the artist's first solo exhibition at Saskia Neuman Gallery.

The exhibition introduces the artist's work in a suite of new paintings that explore the characteristics of painting in relation to light. Born initially on a dark foundation, lighter shades of color carefully seep through the surface. The work is delicate. The darkness transforms as it moves through constant motion towards the light, creating shapes and forms recognisable to the human eye. The motif emerges through the cracks – a story of impression, loneliness and melancholy.

The title of the exhibition is an excerpt of Jonna Bornemarks book The horizon is always there: At each island, a new horizon awaits. In Delin's exhibition, the statement; this sentence, has been deserted and left undefined. Like an unfinished thought, we are placed in the middle of an experience. The artists's work marks that moment, the painting's don't give answers and make no claims – they are thoughts and musings, positioning themselves between a before and after.